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Resource list

If you need any adoption related support, the following list of resources could assist you. Alternatively send an e-mail to the following addresses:
All enquiries -
Western Cape enquiries -

National Adoption Coalition Websites and Facebook pages:

National Adoption Coalition of SA

“Addoption” – SA’s adoption assistance centre

Choose to Care /

Child Development and parental support

1st 1000 days

Arise – Pre and post placement support and education through workshops and conferences

Empower to Connect – Training courses for parents/professionals

Karin Purvis training institute of Child Development

Adoption Support groups:

Adoption support groups PASG (Pretoria Adoption support group) -

Cape Town Adoption support

Passionate about adoption


Inclusive, Anti- Racist Parenting in South Africa
Facebook Group

Johannesburg Adoption Support Group
Yolandi Coetser - 0847731529

Trans- racial adoption group in South Africa

Adoption – transracial in South Africa

Other Groups centred on the Adoptee: On Facebook

The Adopted Life - Angela Tucker

Therapists/Organisations with adoption experience


Lourindi Nel (playtherapist)
062 374 2847

Charmaine de Beer (forensic social worker)
012 547 1780

Heske Sangster (Social worker and playtherapist)
060 506 3455

Neil Amoore (addiction specialist phychologist)
011 421 2040

Ububele Centre for Learning – Focus on emotional development and well-being of children under 7
011 786 5085 |

Western Cape

Alexa Russell Matthews (Social worker with Masters in Play Therapy)
083 505 2719

Procare Psycho-Social Services
021 873 0532

Origin enquiries after the child reached the age of 18

National Department of Social Development
Registrar of Adoption -

Adoption Literature:

The Science of Parenting Adopted Children: A Brain Based Trauma informed Approach to Cultivating your child’s Social, Emotional and Moral Development
Author: Arleta James
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Year: 2011

Parenting your Adopted Child: a Positive approach to building a strong family
Author: Andrew Adesman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2004

The Whole Brained Child
Author: Daniel Segal
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Year published: 2011

Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s parents
Author: Deborah D Gray
Publishers Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Year published: 2012

The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to to your adoptive family
Author: Karyn Purvis, David Cross, Wendy Sunshine
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2007

New Families, Old Scripts: A guide to the Language of Trauma and Attachment in Adoptive families
Author Christine Gordon
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Year: 2006

Connecting with Kids through stories: Using Narratives to Facilitate Attachment in Adopted Children
Author Denise B Lacher, Todd Nichols and Joanne C May
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Year: 2005

The secure base model: promoting attachment and resilience in foster care and adoption
Author: Mary Beek and Gillian Schofield
Publishers: British Association for Adoption and Fostering
Year: 2014

Gathering the Missing Pieces in an Adopted Life
Author: Kay Moore
Publishers: Broadman & Holman Publishers
Year Published: 1995

The whole Life Adoption Book
Author: Jayne E. Schooler
Publisher:Pinon Press
Year: 1993

Journeys after Adoption
Author: Jayne E. Schooler and Betsie L. Norris
Publisher: Bergin and Garvey
Year: 2002

20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to succeed
Author: Sherrie Elldridge

Twenty things your adopted child wants you to know
Author: Sherrie Elldridge
Year: 1999

Telling the truth to your adopted or foster child
Author: Betsy Keefer & Jayne Schooler
Publisher: Bergin & Garvey
Year: 2000

Nurturing Nature
Author: David Finer & Hugo Lagercrantz
Publisher: Adoption Centre Sweden
Year: 1997

Children and Grief
Author: Joey O’Connor
Publisher: Revell
Year: 2004

Baby Sense
Authors: Megan Faure and Ann Richardson
Publisher: Metz Press
Year: 2002

His and Her Childlessness
Author: Ingegerd Wirtberg
Publisher: Repro Print
Year: 1992

Inside Transracial Adoption
Authors: Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
Publisher: Perspective Press
Year: 2000

Black and White Racial Identity Development
Author: Janet Helms
Publisher: Greenwood Press
Year: 1991

Shades of Black
Author: William Cross
Publisher: Temple University Press
Year: 1991

Rebuilding Attachment with Traumatized Children
Author: Richard Kagan
Publisher: The Haworth Press Inc
Year: 1984

Attaching in Adoption
Author: Deborah Gray
Publisher: Perspective Press Inc
Year: 2002

Handbook of Attachment Interventions
Author: Terry Levy
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 2000

The Primal Wound: Understanding the adopted child
Author: Nancy Verrier
Publisher: Gateway Press Inc.
Year: 1999

The power of a Praying Parent
Author: Stormie Omartian
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Year: 2005

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