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From humble beginnings, the past two decades have seen Abba Specialist Adoptions and Social Services Organization become the current National designated and accredited Child Protection Organization.

Abba forms part of the Apostolic Faith Mission's Executive Welfare Council and has a mandate to facilitate both local and inter-country adoptions. In doing so, our focus is summed up by the following statement: "Building and supporting families within an Integrated Child Protection Framework"

Our Reach

Abba provides a comprehensive spectrum of services related to adoption in all provinces in South Africa.

This national footprint is enabled through a head office in Gauteng (which services all five regions of this province) and a satellite office in, Bellville in The Western Cape through which services are rendered in all parts of the Western Cape.

We also share several provincial branch offices with Umephi, rendering adoption services, statutory services in respect of adoptable children and support and option counseling in cases of unplanned pregnancies. Through this partnership we are able to reach the following regions:

  • Polokwane
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Witbank
  • Middelburg
  • Upington
  • Kimberley
  • Welkom

Through our inter-country adoption services, we are able to further extend the reach of our activities. In doing so, we work with five accredited contract organizations in Europe and Scandinavia.

Our Team

The work we do requires a specific set of competencies. This is displayed in the collective skill and experience of the Abba Team which consists of 22 staff members including social workers, auxiliary social workers and administrators who have been rendering specialized adoption services for more than fifteen years. Each year, we have the privilege of playing a role in the lives of approximately 500 children, of whom more than half are placed for adoption.

Our main vision is to enable a 360-degree child protection service by strengthening, supporting and building families. This holistic perspective requires coordination of several child protection and specialized adoption related services that include:

  • Statutory services in respect of children in need of permanent alternative care (ages birth-6)
  • Finding adoptive families for children with special medical and emotional needs
  • Counseling services towards birth families dealing with an unplanned pregnancy
  • A specialized, national adoption program for unrelated and related adoptions
  • Facilitating related and unrelated adoptions by foreign permanent residents
  • A specialized inter-country program within the scope of existing working agreements approved by the South African Central Authority

A further element of our mandate is to render a professional social work service to the adoption community, social worker colleagues, and the three key parties involved in adoption. Recently, our focus has grown to include the following activities:

  • Raising awareness in respect of crisis and unplanned pregnancies
  • Option counseling, referral and support
  • Capacity building and empowerment of formal system
  • Training
  • Adoption recruitment
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Playing an active role in the National Adoption Coalition and provincial coalitions
  • Therapeutic support to parties affected by adoption

Our Values

All that we do is underpinned by our values and ethics:
We value a child-centered focus
We value norms and standards
We value Christian beliefs
We value integrity
We value respect
We value loyalty

In the environment in which we work, we are ever mindful of the emotions, the risks, the challenges and difficult decisions that accompany adoptions. It is our passion to create an environment in which those decisions can be more informed through lending our knowledge, advice and support.

The lives we touch have unique circumstances. Abba has no blanket policy that may infringe directly or indirectly on any human rights prescribed by South African legislation, nor do we accept any form of discrimination.

The basis of our work is the strong belief that all children need permanent, stable family care. We also believe that adoptions should form part on an integrated approach to child protection and that for many children adoption can be the best form of alternative care. As part of our approach to adoption we emphasize the importance of minimizing losses for adoptive children, so our main focus is on finding suitable, permanent adoptive families for them in South Africa.

Specialized Adoption and related Services Overview