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Who is Abba?

Abba Specialist Adoption & Social Services (Abba) is a non-profit organization founded in 1983. We are a designated child protection organization with adoption accreditation for national and intercountry adoptions. We provide a range of direct services to abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children who appear to be in need of permanent alternative family care.

We believe that children should grow up in stable, safe, happy, strong and permanent family settings. We therefore strive to render child protection services that will ensure that children can be placed in a permanent family environments within the shortest time possible. We further strive towards keeping children in their families and work towards preventing removal of children.

The alternative care services we render include shorter term placements in temporary alternative care, reunification services, and foster care and specialist adoption services.

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Our adoption services are based on many years of experience and all adoption social workers are registered with a specialty in adoption social work with the South African Council for Social Service professions.

Abba has a strong national presence in adoption services and services are provided from our Offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Limpopo and North West Province

Our Social Services program further entails promoting ethical adoption practices through research. We also continue to develop and roll out engagement programs which aims at raising awareness around child abandonment, unplanned crisis pregnancies. We have also developed a specialized adoption training program which are used nationally to train existing and emerging adoption social workers.

Our services

icon child protection services

Child protection services

Child protection & statutory services and permanency planning in respect of abandoned and orphaned a young children who are at risk and without permanent alternative care.

icon specialised adoption services

Specialized Adoption services

The organisation has more than 20 years’ experience in adoption work and all our adoption social workers are registered for a speciality in adoption work with the South African Council for Social Service Professions.

icon post adoption services

Post adoption services

Legal adoptions often result in a permanent change to a child’s identity, which entails the presence of conflicting needs and rights among parties affected by adoption for the duration of their lives. Many of these challenges only emerges after the adoption and once the families undergo lifecycle transitions. Post adoption services are therefore a crucial part of the adoption process.

icon training & engagement

Training & engagement

Communities have a limited understanding of adoptions, its purpose and benefits. It is further regulated as an area of specialization and only a few social workers have experience and expertise in this area. To ensure that this challenge is address, engaging of communities and training of service providers should be prioritized.